Atlanta Radiology

For high quality radiology services in Atlanta, turn to the professionals at Women’s Imaging Specialists. We are a comprehensive outpatient diagnostic imaging center located in Atlanta and serving patients in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. Our practice consists of experienced Radiologists and a caring staff of medical professionals. Our services include 3D mammography, 2D Digital mammography, bone densitometry and ultrasound.

Atlanta Breast Cancer Screening

Women’s Imaging Specialists offers the most advanced breast cancer screening available in Atlanta. We are proud to be the first stand-alone, private practice in Georgia to offer 3D Mammography (Breast tomosynthesis), inlcuding C-View imaging. Breast tomosynthesis is offered as a complement to traditional 2D digital mammography screening. In addition, we offer stereotactic biopsiescyst aspirations, elastography and ultrasound guided core biopsies.

Bone Densitometry

In addition to our other services, Women’s Imaging Specialists offers bone densitometry tests to identify osteoporosis, determine your risk for fractures, and monitor your response to an osteoporosis treatment. A bone mineral density (BMD) test is a non-invasive test and is the best way to determine your bone health.

Our outpatient diagnostic imaging center serves the residents of Atlanta with a caring staff, a private environment and the latest technology. Our facility is designed to provide ease of scheduling and reduced waiting times for patients while maintaining the most stringent standards for clinical quality. It is our mission to deliver high quality, cost-effective care to the community and patients we serve. Please contact our Atlanta Radiology Experts today with any questions or to schedule an appointment.