Outside Facility Patients

Due to a high volume of outside referral requests we require you to follow these steps to become a new patient with us. If you have never been to our facility and you need a Diagnostic Mammogram, Breast Ultrasound or Ultrasound Guided Biopsy there are a few things you need to gather first before calling to make your appointment. First you need an order from a referring provider. That needs to be faxed to us at (404) 843-9398. 2nd we need any previous breast imaging reports faxed to us and we need the past three years of breast imaging. Those images are put on a CD. You have to request them from the facility. You can have them mailed to us or you can go and pick them up and then bring them to us. If you went to Northside Hospital you can call them and have the images Powershared to Carolyn G Dudley MD. You cannot be seen without these images. 3rd they need to also fax us the reports. Please get these three things in motion before calling us for an appointment.

If you have had a thermogram and are coming to us for a breast ultrasound you must have an order and arrange to have any previous mammogram or breast ultrasound imaging images sent or you can bring them with you.

On the day of you appointment we will collect the estimate of the procedure fee.